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Capital & Intelligence

Outsourced Financial & Administrative Management

On-demand financial & administrative expertise

Calmon Partners Capital & Intelligence has developed a dedicated offer for companies wishing to structure or transform their administrative and financial head departments.​

Benefiting from its strong experience in successful transitions and fundraising, ​

Calmon Partners Capital & Intelligence offers an on-demand Administrative & Financial Management service.


Created and carried out by highly qualified professionals, our offer is tailored to your needs, without the cost of full-time staff, and will accompany you for as long as you wish. 

Our report

Calmon Partners Capital & Intelligence identified among its clients several questions regarding : ​

  • Transition : sudden departure or temporary replacement, team reinforcement on technical subjects to complement the existing team

  • Investors relations : demanding financial reporting for the financial team, effective communication

  • Financial transparency : preparing accurate financial statements, forecasts and financial models can be time-consuming and difficult​

  • Due Diligence : the finance department must be ready to provide detailed information and documentation on the company's financial health, operations and growth perspective

  • Valuation : over or undervaluation of the company can lead to difficulties in finding financing, or in selling a too large share of the business

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Network access​

Connection to networks of skilled corporate finance experts and experienced investors

Objective Outlook

Connection to networks of skilled corporate finance experts and experienced investors

Financial strategy development

Connection to networks of skilled corporate finance experts and experienced investors

Capital raise & due-diligence

Capital raise assistance by developing financial modeling, pitch desks to facilitate negotiation with investors 

Audits preparation

Compliance and optimization of management report

Made-to-measure support




A, A et B pre-series 

between 1 to 15 M€ of fundraising

Revenue between 1 and 5 M€


Wider opening of capital

Solutions implemented : 

  • Provision of CFO

  • Management team stabilization

  • Milestones preparation assistance

Solutions implemented : 

  • Bridge between two CFOs

  • Cash flow management

  • ROI optimization

  • Monitoring tools reinforcement

Solutions implemented : 

  • Group integration management

  • International subsidiaries management

  • IPO preparation

Company A 

1 M€, 10 employees

Goal : to structure its financial department 

Course of action implemented : 

  • Financial analysis and modeling 

  • Recommendations on internal procedures

  • Available tools optimization, complementary solutions

  • Team training 

  • Preparation of reports for management

  • Facilitator of contacts and support in relationships (accountants, auditors, banks)

Company B 

6 M€, 35 employees

Goal : to reinforce its financial department 

Course of action implemented : 

  • Legal structuring for international development

  • Growth strategy implementation (intern and extern)

  • Centralization of accounting and treasury management services


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